This thyroid-balancing blend supports glandular health with kelp, Irish moss and other non-GMO botanicals.

  • Supports the glandular system
  • Helps normalize an underactive thyroid


The ancient Greeks and Romans ate kelp, and people in China have been eating various types of kelp for more than 2,000 years! Traditional Chinese Medicine utilized kelp to support thyroid health. According to Oriental Materia Medica, kelp softens hardness, disperses accumulation, resolves phlegm and cleanses heat.

A real superfood, spirulina algae grows mainly in fresh water. The Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico scooped algae from the blue lagoons and dried it in cakes. Today, this nutritional powerhouse is consumed by people all over the globe.

Native to the Mediterranean area, parsley is standard fare in cooking. Centuries of folk use teach us that parsley was employed for detoxification, and urinary and kidney support.

In folk medicine, hops flower has been sought for occasional anxiousness, nervousness and restlessness. It also has been used traditionally to support sleep and relaxation, and to help with gastric function.


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