Methyl Combo

Methyl Combo


Researched and formulated for maximum absorption, Methyl Combo offers a unique blend of methylated B vitamins, the most active of which contribute to neurotransmission, metabolism and more. Supports normal neurological and psychological functions*. Traditional support for stamina and reducing fatigue.



INGREDIENTS: 1,000 mcg per serving of vitamin B12 sourced from methylcobalamin 800 mcg per serving of folate sourced from methyltetrahyrdrofolate calcium salt.

Methyl Combo bypasses multiple conversion processes and delivers the bioavailable forms of B12 and Folate, methylcobalamin and methylfolate. When these two influential vitamins are in their bioavailable state, they pair up and contribute to the methionine synthesis cycle. This cycle uses Methyl Combo vitamins and creates methionine, an essential amino acid. Methionine is required for the healthy function of cells, proteins, enzymes, neurotransmitters, and metabolic function. Most common supplements use Folic Acid, this form requires four enzymatic conversions before becoming the biologically active form of methyl folate known as methyltetrahydrofolate. Similarly, vitamin B12 is required to pass through three enzymatic conversions before becoming the active form methylcobalamin. Some individuals lack the necessary enzymes to make this conversion to methylfolate and methylcobalamin.In fact, A 2008 study by the World Health Organization concluded that, “…deficiencies of [Folate and Vitamin B12] may be a public health problem that could affect many millions of people throughout the world.” Methyl Combo provides innovative health solutions by using the most bioavailable forms of B12 and Folate.


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