Hepatic System Pack

Hepatic System Pack


Abundant support for liver and detox. This program has Milk Thistle Combo, Liver Balance TCM and Psyllium Hulls to protect, support and eliminate. Supports liver functions, protecting from toxins. Aids in the detoxification process.



INGREDIENTS: Each AM packet contains 2 Milk Thistle Combination tablets and 1 Liver Balance TCM capsule. Each PM packet contains 6 Psyllium Hulls capsules.

Milk Thistle Combination provides nutrients and antioxidants that support and protect the liver and its functions. Silymarin in milk thistle helps the liver produce cells and helps stabilize liver cell membranes, which helps guard liver cells against toxins. Liver Balance TCM contains bupleurum, which is a Chinese “cooling herb” believed to help detoxify and replenish the liver, and to aid the upward flow of chi, thereby strengthening the body against stress. Other Chinese herbs in this formula may support circulation, digestive fluids and general energy. Psyllium Hulls have a remarkable ability to absorb water and help absorb bowel toxins. They also slow the absorption of dietary sugar and may help reduce the amount of dietary cholesterol in the bloodstream.


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