FCS II w/ Lobelia

FCS II w/ Lobelia


Female glandular support with herbal extracts including Dong Quai and Black Cohosh roots, Queen of the Meadow herb, Blessed Thistle and Red Raspberry leaf. Provides nutritional support for the female reproductive system. Supports the urinary and glandular systems.



INGREDIENTS: Red raspberry leaves, blessed thistle aerial parts, dong quai root, queen of the meadow leaf, marshmallow root, lobelia aerial parts, ginger rhizome, black cohosh rhizome and root extract, capsicum fruit and goldenseal root extract.

Red raspberry leaves nutritionally support the entire female reproductive system. Blessed thistle has been acclaimed by herbalists as important for female reproductive organs. Dong quai root benefits the circulatory, nervous and immune systems. Queen of the Meadow herb has been traditionally used for the urinary system as it helps keep fluids of the body balanced. Black cohosh root is used by many women during and after menopause and is known to aid the structural and muscular systems.


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