DHEA-F (Women’s)

DHEA-F (Women’s)


As DHEA levels drop naturally with age, support the female glands responsible for the important hormones behind energy, sleep, healthy bones and clear thinking. 25 mg DHEA per serving. Supports the female glandular and nervous system.



INGREDIENTS: 25 mg DHEA, wild yam root, false unicorn root and chaste tree berry extract.

The “F” indicates that this formula is for females. In a woman’s body, natural production of DHEA declines after about age 25, leading many experts to believe that DHEA plays a role in slowing the aging process. DHEA, a naturally occurring steroid nutrient produced in the adrenal (cortex) gland, is converted to important and essential hormones in the body, ensuring good health. DHEA-F was developed with beneficial herbs to provide daily benefits for women pursuing a healthier lifestyle.


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