Patented. Clinically tested. Proven. CardioxLDL® gives you revolutionary, powerful, natural support for healthy cholesterol levels. Clinically validated to modulate the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Powerful herbal antioxidants synergistically enhance key ingredients.

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INGREDIENTS: Bergamot Fruit extract (Citrus bergamia Risso), Turmeric extract, Green Tea extract, Grape Seed extract, Mangosteen Fruit extract.

Support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function with CardioxLDL®. This unique and powerful herbal formula helps to modulate cholesterol oxidation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. CardioxLDL® combines Citrus bergamia Risso extract with a proprietary blend of high-ORAC antioxidants that help support total cholesterol and triglyceride levels already in the normal range. It works in part by blocking an enzyme the liver needs to produce LDL® cholesterol. This unique combination of Citrus bergamia fruit extract and antioxidants naturally supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels already in the normal range.


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